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This is About Ethiopia

Welcome to Yerada Lij Australia. We write books and a blog. They are all about the land of Ethiopia and her people. Yes, Ethiopia is a woman.

This page is about our blog, book & authors. Mesfin was born and grew up in Ethiopia. Ianet is Aussie.

What Does Yerada Lij Mean?

The African country is full of smart and self-sufficient supporters of the helpless. Does that describe you, wherever you are on the planet? In Ethiopia, you would be yerada lij. To read more, tap or click here.

Out Now: “Lucy’s People” by Mesfin Tadesse. 2nd edition, 2021

A unique depiction of Ethiopia… which gives the reader a broad, holistic understanding of the nation.


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About Our Blog, Book & Authors

1. Introduction to Our Blog

Ethiopian Culture & Innovations: Gifts to the World

With over 80 different ethnic groups, Ethiopia’s culture is rich. She has given the world these:

  • Formula for aspirin. It was written in an ancient Orit Yehuda monastery goat-skin book or birana. View a video about goatskin books here. The book’s title was Audenegiste. Read an article on Ethiopia’s traditional medicine here.
  • Astronomy, thousands of years before the Christian era. Read about it here.
  • Pentatonic music scale – Ethiopian St Yared created it in the 7th century AD. Read about the saint here.
  • GPS – An Ethiopian-born scientist invented it. His name was Kitaw Ejigu. Read about him here.
  • Today, in Addis Ababa, an IT expert has developed a device for people who are blind or have low vision. The device is used with special reading glasses, to read without braille. When walking in the streets, the mobile device alerts them to obstacles ahead. Once a person’s details are recorded, the device advises when that person approaches. This technology will enable people who are blind to be independent.

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2. Book

“This is a gripping story, well-told.”

—Sheger FM Radio 102.1, April 30, 2020

Lucy’s People, 2nd Edition Release

On 15 August 2021, we released our book globally. It is the 2nd edition of Lucy’s People: An Ethiopian Memoir by Mesfin Tadesse. In 298 pages, it tells about life under Emperor Haile Selassie I and the communist Derg.

In 2020 in Addis Ababa, we released the 1st edition. This is out of print. The 2nd edition is the same story with more material. Sections are re-written. View the old cover here.

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3. Authors

13th-Century Bete Mariyam Lalibela Monastery Foundation Orit Yehuda (Ethiopian Jewish) Minga and Crosses

Mesfin & Ianet at Lalibela © Mesfin Tadesse, 2020

Mesfin Tadesse is the main author of Lucy’s People. It is his story. Born in Ethiopia, he studied and worked there.

Ianet Bastyan is Mesfin’s co-author. She is Australian. Mesfin’s memoir is her first extended writing. Ethiopia is her favourite country.

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Featured image:

Pelicans Over Lake Tana, Source of the Blue Nile River © Mesfin Tadesse, 2020


At Bete Mariyam, Lalibela Rock-hewn Monasteries © Mesfin Tadesse, 2017

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