King Lalibela’s 13th Century Feat of Engineering Serves Ethiopians Now

FeaturedYerada Lij Australia Lalibela rock-hewn monasteries photo of Giyorgis taken by Mesfin Tadesse

The Lalibela rock-hewn monasteries are unique because King Lalibela built them from the top down. They are the only structures in the world to have been constructed in this way.

Ethiopian Shiro is Nourishing, Simple & Cheap

FeaturedAddis Ababa green grocery with organically grown fruit & vegetables

One Ethiopian staple food is shiro. Naturally processed, it is vegetarian and made with beans and spice. The powdered mixture is a rich yellow. Cooked, it is a smooth, curry paste.

Ethiopia’s Lalibela Rock-hewn Monasteries Need Traditional Care Now

FeaturedLalibela Rock Hewn Monasteries Bete Giyorgis viewed from lower level

This marvellous ancient engineering work that is the Lalibela monasteries is vital to future engineering developments.

What Makes You Jealous?

Could America be jealous of Ethiopians? Of their beautiful animals, climate, people, art? 'But wait,' you say. 'America is rich.' How can the rich be jealous of the poor? Do they walk a mile in their plastic shoes? What makes you jealous?

Adwa 125 & Empress Taytu’s Justice in the Land of Stars

Itege Taytu Empress of the Ethiopian Empire

Ethiopians invented boxing, hockey and polo; also, soccer. Fair play and virtuosity complement one another in the land of stars.

2-Pronged Attack on Ethiopia at Temket Festival

Temket, Ethiopian baptism, 19 January 2020

At the end of 2020, mercenaries massacred 103 Amhara farmers in Metekel. People were asleep.

The November War in the Land of Monks & God

Aksum (Axum), Tigray in Ethiopia, stele

More than 103 TPLF-made mass graves were discovered. They sprayed corpses with, ‘A GIFT FROM THE WEST,’ and, ‘NO MORE AMHARA’. European NGOs and TV news never reported this.

Woven Wisdom is the Edge of Art

Green pointed leaf low plant with a covering of white silk

We kept the white maggot of a fly called qmburs. It reached 3 centimetres and pupated for 25 years. As it aged, it shrank and produced more silk. Qmburs wove a silk case around a shell. When it got too large, the case would stifle it and the maggot moved out. My grandmother transferred it while still inside its shell to a new home. This was usually the underside of an old bamboo coffee table. The maggot adhered to the surface with a glue-like substance and produced more silk: 3 x 600-millimetre-square harvests per year, thick and frothy. I scrounged bamboo-coffee tables. Mama kissed my forehead: a rare gift.

World’s Last People by Alemayehu

Water of Lake Tana water home to Lucy's People of Ethiopia

Those who try to destroy the planet have destroyed Orit Yehuda and other Ethiopians in a manifestation of total racism.

Emperor Haile Selassie’s New Year Lesson

Ethiopian restaurant cats

‘Do not abuse the environment. When your flesh changes into soil, your spirit will remain on earth. Leave behind a comfortable home for it.’

What is the Meaning of the Term yerada lij?

Statue of yerada lij Emperor Menelik II on horseback

Petrol fuelled the taxi. Materialism did not drive the yerada lij.