Diplomatically Confront the US About Ethiopia

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Because Australia is aligned with the US, it could diplomatically confront the US president. Millions are displaced and dying in the Middle East and in Africa, especially Ethiopia. Historically, Ethiopia has honoured Australia: the late Emperor Haile Selassie I visited at least three times. During Australia’s 1890s depression, Emperor Menelik II sent shiploads of supplies. Today, Ethiopian diaspora are among the most wonderful citizens and residents of Australia. 

Download a Cheesy Animals Poster and Ignore the War

Crowd of worshippers & Orit Yehuda clergy in Meskel Square in Addis Ababa

A 5-year-old boy wrote to US President Biden. He called his letter “White Post for White House”. The child begged for peace. “Hundreds of thousands of children will never have proper burials.”

What Makes You Jealous?

Could America be jealous of Ethiopians? Of their beautiful animals, climate, people, art? 'But wait,' you say. 'America is rich.' How can the rich be jealous of the poor? Do they walk a mile in their plastic shoes? What makes you jealous?

King Lalibela’s 13th Century Feat of Engineering Serves Ethiopians Now

Yerada Lij Australia Lalibela rock-hewn monasteries photo of Giyorgis taken by Mesfin Tadesse

The Lalibela rock-hewn monasteries are unique because King Lalibela built them from the top down. They are the only structures in the world to have been constructed in this way.

Ethiopian Shiro is Nourishing, Simple & Cheap

Addis Ababa green grocery with organically grown fruit & vegetables

One Ethiopian staple food is shiro. Naturally processed, it is vegetarian and made with beans and spice. The powdered mixture is a rich yellow. Cooked, it is a smooth, curry paste.