Positive Reviews for Lucy’s People An Ethiopian Memoir


As a headstrong young man, Mesfin must not merely survive, but must do so without compromised his convictions, or his love of Ethiopia. __Ben Claessens

Registered Ethiopian Charities Need Your Support

FeaturedPelicans over Lake Tana, Ethiopia, symbolise the uplifting culture of Ethiopia that has given many innovations to the world, as described by our Yerada Lij Australia blog

"Who else was visiting pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers? I also questioned myself about youth and children whose parents were incarcerated."__Temesgen "Their desperate plight is heartbreaking."__Yohannis

Diplomatically Confront the US About Ethiopia

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Because Australia is aligned with the US, it could diplomatically confront the US president. Millions are displaced and dying in the Middle East and in Africa, especially Ethiopia. Historically, Ethiopia has honoured Australia: the late Emperor Haile Selassie I visited at least three times. During Australia’s 1890s depression, Emperor Menelik II sent shiploads of supplies. Today, Ethiopian diaspora are among the most wonderful citizens and residents of Australia. 

Download a Cheesy Animals Poster and Ignore the War

Crowd of worshippers & Orit Yehuda clergy in Meskel Square in Addis Ababa

A 5-year-old boy wrote to US President Biden. He called his letter “White Post for White House”. The child begged for peace. “Hundreds of thousands of children will never have proper burials.”

The November War in the Land of Monks & God

FeaturedAksum (Axum), Tigray in Ethiopia, stele

More than 103 TPLF-made mass graves were discovered. They sprayed corpses with, ‘A GIFT FROM THE WEST,’ and, ‘NO MORE AMHARA’. European NGOs and TV news never reported this.