Diplomatically Confront the US About Ethiopia

My Pen Name

I wrote this open letter using my real name of Janet. My pen name is Ianet, which is what my mother calls me. It is pronounced “Yanet”. Mum took it from Papua New Guineans when we lived there. Whenever I lost another front tooth—I was 7 years old—they would smile, “Ah, Yanet.”

My Letter

The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister 

Parliament House


cc. Mr Patrick Gorman MP, 

Member for Perth, Western Australia 

Re: Open Letter to President Joseph R. Biden  Jr. 


Dear Mr Morrison, 

The open letter at the above link, from the Ethiopian president to the US president, asks the United States to stop damaging Ethiopia through its support of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). In 2021, the US did not warn Australia of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The US treats other nations even more disrespectfully. Ethiopia is one of them.

Because Australia is aligned with the US, it could diplomatically confront the US president. Millions are displaced and dying in the Middle East and in Africa, especially Ethiopia. Historically, Ethiopia has honoured Australia: the late Emperor Haile Selassie I visited at least three times. During Australia’s 1890s depression, Emperor Menelik II sent shiploads of supplies. Today, Ethiopian diaspora are among the most wonderful citizens and residents of Australia. 

I respectfully ask that you ask President Biden to cease US interference in Ethiopia’s handling of war declared by the TPLF in November 2020. It must stop encouraging attempts to destroy the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. America also needs to immediately lift hefty sanctions that cripple Ethiopia’s economy and hurt her people. Finally, the US and other Western nations should not delay in identifying and releasing to the Ethiopian government Ethiopian cash and heritage that members of the TPLF have stolen and taken abroad. In not acting, Australia dishonours Ethiopia and her diaspora residing in Australia.  

Yours faithfully,

Janet Bastyan

November 19 2021

While We Wait

I await a response! Meanwhile, here are more resources about what is really happening in Ethiopia. Some are not news. But they show the beauty of the people, who deserve peace. If the videos are in Amharic and you do not yet understand it, you will be affected by the speakers’ emotion.

Billene Seyoum: A Model of Effective Participation in Interviews

In this CNN interview of November 10 2021, spokesperson Billene Seyoum aces Becky Anderson. Billene models how to conduct an interview. Watch for the following:

  • No face pulling.
  • No interrupting.
  • No fidgeting.
  • Quiet and dignified self-assertion: “Let me finish speaking.”
  • Rich vocabulary and eloquent spoken expression.
Ethiopia’s Billene Seyoum Aces Becky Anderson on CNN

Mihas Tube. Nov 12, 2021.

Tenaadam. “Ethiopia Daily News.” November 09, 2021 – This is on CNN and the BBC. November 09, 2021.

Arts TV World. November 08, 2021 – Hakim Abebech, healer, speaks.

Bireman Film Production. October 14, 2020 – Amen song with Rahel Getu


This is Barack Obama on failure before success. I guess that its relevance is that Ethiopians will succeed in restoring peace to their land.

The Zed Family. “Reacting to New Ethiopian Music Global.” September 22, 2021

https://youtu.be/0WCj7YSTnPc   –  similar to above, reacting to Ethiopiaye by Rahel Getu. October 02, 2021.  (I used this in the last post, on Ethiopian dance.)

Swahili Nation. “Rahel Getu – Emete Reaction.” November 02, 2021.

Swahili Nation. “The Truth About What Is Happening in Ethiopia.” November 08, 2021 – Paul Reynolds in Addis Ababa has a message to international bullies that means, “Stop meddling.”

Vanished Video

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. November 20 2021. https://youtu.be/W23nnN1CyJl – Look for this on your smart phone. It is an Ethiopian documentary of survivors of TPLF massacres of Amhara and other Ethiopians at Mai Kadra and Humera in Tigray and in Wello. So many videos that present the viewpoint of Amhara people vanish quickly from YouTube. This is one of them. The massacres were underreported by CNN and other international broadcasters. I discussed this in the November War post.

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