Download a Cheesy Animals Poster and Ignore the War

Attacks Upon Ethiopia

Jump to cheesy animals poster. It is about animal use in Ethiopia.

Meskel 2021

On 14 September, Ethiopian Christians and Orit Yehuda celebrated True Cross: Meskel. Tap or click here to find out about the True Cross celebration. The war declared by the TPLF on 3 November 2020 continues, backed by the West. It never stopped at Ethiopian New Year. The Vatican Pope and US President Biden wished Ethiopia a happy new year: empty words. Read our September War post.

Open Letters to US President

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed published an open letter to US President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on 17 September 2021. To read it tap or click here. In response, Ianet will write about it to the Australian prime minister. Click or tap here for her letter. Could you write to your leaders?

Hundreds of thousands of children will never have proper burials.

5-year-old boy

White Post for White House

In English, a 105-year-old wrote to world leaders Biden and Johnson. A 5-year-old boy wrote to US President Biden. He called his letter “White Post for White House”. The child begged for peace. “Hundreds of thousands of children will never have proper burials.”

The Comfort of Animals

Patting and Feeding

Pat and feed

Here, in Western Australia, Ethiopian diaspora mourn relatives murdered in TPLF massacres. They raise funds for millions of internally displaced Ethiopians. Those ingenious business people and farmers are starving. Patting and feeding animals comforts us.

Animal Use in Ethiopia

Tap or click here, to read about Ethiopia’s livestock. It is the largest in the world.

Short Quiz


Study the pictures of animals. Most of the photos were not taken in Ethiopia. However, all these animals are found there. Only the kangaroo is not indigenous (native) to Ethiopia.


What is the 1 thing that all these creatures have in common?


Ethiopians would never eat them. They also do not eat horses, donkeys, mules, wild birds and other wildlife, pigs and female animals.

No Ethiopian eats any animal that is a pet or lives close to the family. They would not do this even if they were starving. Mesfin’s mother Tewode would not let a rooster be killed if she had bought it and then accidentally kept him for more than 1 day. Chicken stew could wait.


Downloadable Poster

View or download our 12-page poster about how Ethiopians use posters. How are animals used in your country? Do you eat pork? Would you eat a pet?

Would You Put up With This?

TPLF Killed Livestock and People

In Gondar, in Ethiopia’s north, the TPLF killed 12,000 livestock. This included hens sitting on eggs. Orit Yehuda would not bury such murderers in consecrated ground.

pullets (young hens)

Ethiopia is the symbolic mother of all Ethiopians. Mother animals are left in peace. No Ethiopian—not a single person among her 86 ethnic groups—would kill or eat them. Why kill animals in war?

CNN, BBC: how did you report this?

Under Reporting

TPLF, who were routed from Afar, killed 6-month-old babies on their mothers’ backs.   The Ethiopian government had 500 truckloads of food delivered to Tigray, in the north. All vanished. Later, drivers told of TPLF forcing them to drive rebels and their loot. CNN, BBC: how did you report this? Zehabesha Official covered this on September 07, 2021. Tap or click here for the news report in Amharic.

Foreign Backing of TPLF Rebels

In Tigray, a cargo aeroplane crashed. It was smuggling weapons. Foreign support of TPLF criminal activity continues. View the news report on September 07, 2021 by Zena Tube. “Top Mereja.” In another report, by Addis Media on September 23, 2021, the Ghanaian president tells the West to stop its donations. This controls Africans. They lose their wealth and cleverness. Then foreigners unleash full-scale war.

View this Amharic report from Zehabesha Official in which Agegnehu Teshager asks why does the West destroy a group of Amhara by the hand of traitors? This English-language interview with author Jeff Pearce provokes similar questions.

Hear This

In Sudan, in an UNHCR camp, 45,000 Ethiopian refugees are taught to shoot 8 hours per day. The European field officer does not notice the gunfire. “Shots are always heard in Africa.” Stranded in Addis Ababa for 16 months, Ianet heard only 4 gunshots. Those were fired during a brief riot.

In this Amharic music video from Awtar TV, Rahel Getu sings of genocide wreaked upon Amhara. Even if you do not understand a word of their language, you will be moved to tears.


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