Ethiopian Recipes for Awaze and Kibbe and a Rumination Upon World Peace

Recipes for Ethiopian Awaze and Kibbe

Below, are 2 recipes. You may download them. They are for traditional Ethiopian staples.

  • Awaze is a unique Ethiopian condiment or sauce. It is more nutritious & delicious than ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. The base is berbere, which is a powder of Ethiopian spices including chili. The world knows this as peri peri, which is a corruption of the Amharic name.
  • Kibbe (kibbeh) is clarified butter. It is used in awaze. Both are health giving.

How to Eat Awaze

Eat awaze with tibs or barbecue. It goes with chicken, salmon, groper, bread and raw meat. Serve it on the side of the dish. Do not eat awaze with food that is soft in texture. It is too strong.

You can have more awaze at lunch time. Eat it sparingly at dinner time. Awaze is good for the liver and gall bladder. It reduces red eyes and is helpful if you have a migraine.

Mesfin recommends a small amount of Ethiopian awaze for people of all ages.

Download Mesfin’s Ethiopian Awaze Recipe

About Kibbe

Kibbe was made by ancient Ethiopian Jewish and Agawmeder people. People over 90 years of age eat kibbe in the morning. It is good melted in coffee.

Sore throat? Half a teaspoon of kibbe is good on top of tea or coffee.


In Ethiopia, kibbe is made from the milk of healthy middle-aged cows. Kibbe does not cause heart disease or high cholesterol. This is because it contains no mora. Mora is Amharic and Ge’ez for ‘dry fat’. ‘Don’t be mora,’ means, ‘Do not be rigid.’ Unnaturally fed cows produce mora.

There are no additives, nor excessive salt. However, in industrially produced cooking fats and oils, there may be residues of soda ash. This is used for cleaning industrial boilers and food preservation.

Kibbe, like wine, improves with age. It is used in most cooking. Try it on toast.

In Australia’s fierce summers, do refrigerate kibbe. Store it in the ordinary part of the fridge. However, first keep it in a cupboard for 2 days.

How to Make Butter

To turn milk into butter, take a large jar. Fill it with fresh milk and shake it for 1–2 hours – or walk with it. Alternatively, use a machine. Some hang the milk jar from an animal’s back. A horse soon shakes the milk sufficiently. This separates into light grey water called agwat, cream and yellow water.

Agawmeder people discard the agwat, though it is good for the bones. It is harmful to the heart. On farms, people give it to cats and dogs, which are active. The agwat will not affect the hearts of animals that run all day long.

Mix the white and yellow cream in equal parts. You need 1 kilogram of butter for a batch of kibbe.

The Best Milk

Kibbe is best if the milk comes from cows wandering freely to the river to drink fresh water and allowed to eat natural grass. Even better, if farmers feed them boiled gibs with iodised salt daily. Their beautiful milk makes the best butter. Women use it for cosmetic purposes – for strong, silken & shining hair and flawless skin.

Download Mesfin’s Ethiopian Kibbe Recipe

Recipe for World Peace

This requires 1 ingredient: history. Remember history.

Don’t be mora.

Ethiopian saying

What Will Come to Your Doorstep?


In 1936, the late Emperor Haile Selassie I addressed the League of Nations. He told of the twisting of history by dominant nations. Racist journalists interrupted. He said that they never condemned the invasion by Italian fascists in 1935. Some provided fighter jets and weapons. The Ethiopian emperor foretold how this aggression would come to the doorsteps of Europeans. None listened.


Today, superpowers, dismantle 1 country after another. Now, some support the TPLF – a minority that has bullied most Ethiopians for decades. Underneath a few medicines and some nutritional supplies, Caucasians smuggle weapons and military equipment. This they call humanitarian aid. When governments refuse to play along, superpowers declare outright war or impose sanctions.

The TPLF delcared the war in Tigray on 4 November, 2020. It murdered Ethiopian defence forces in their beds. Those people worked harvesting crops in Tigray and battling locust plagues. Some had been in Tigray for more than 20 years.

More than 600,000 Ethiopians have died during 4 November 2020–27 July 2021. This is due to ethnic cleansing, massacres and war – instigated by the TPLF. View a report by Dagu Media. July 15, 2021

The world needs to remember the recent massacres in Tigray Humera, Mai Kadra and Welkait by TPLF rebels. The big news agencies did not report this ethnic cleansing of Amhara people. Shame on them.

What would happen to the world if the nations backing the TPLF cleaned up their own backyards instead? Read more.

What Ethiopians Put up With During July 2021

TPLF rebels used Tigray children as young as 7 as human shields.

Massacres by TPLF

In Tigray, there are 3 universities at Adigrat, Aksum and Mekele. They have a total of 28,000 students & close to 5,000 teachers & workers. Some moved 1,200 kilometres to study at the Tigray universities for 4 or 5 years. The TPLF released 21,000 convicted criminals from prisons in Adigrat, Aksum and Mekele. Rapists, thugs, bandits and murderers were unleashed upon the academics. Saudi Arabia paid some.

View Zehabehsa Official. July 15, 2021 & Zehabesha Official. July 20, 2021.

TPLF Conscripted Children

TPLF rebels used Tigray children as young as 7 as human shields. They were trying to break supply lines in Djibouti. The TPLF junta made the boys drink marijuana-laced tea. It used children to smuggle in weapons from Sudan. When they died, they photographed their bodies. Foreigners dubbed this as ethnic cleansing by Ethiopia’s legitimate defence forces.

Across the border in Sudan, Caucasian foreigners armed 12-year-olds with short-range machine guns. The junta had them massacre the innocent in Tigray. Western reporters gloated. What about the human rights of conscripted children? America and Europe do not show that they care if a 9-year-old is forced by the junta to participate in its war. This contravenes the United Nations Declaration of Human rights. The coalition of the West collaborates with the TPLF rebels to contravene this.

View Amharic-language news reports: Feta Daily. Ethiopia News. July 17, 2021 & Haleta 24. July 13, 2021.

Revenge Wreaked Upon Ethiopian Diaspora

Tens of thousands of Ethiopian women–some with children—were beaten, imprisoned and murdered all over Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian police abuse of Ethiopian workers is widespread. Police destroyed their work permits and stole jewellery. They called those with tattooed crosses on foreheads and chins “Jew” and burned off their skin with cigarette lighters. Abusers jeered, “They have a Jewish number plate.” Where was action by human rights groups? View Yeneta Media. July 2021.

Would you like to learn Amharic? Begin online.

  • Featured image: Kibbe Spices © Ianet Bastyan, 2021 – basil, garlic & ginger
  • Photos: Kibbe in Pot, Tenadum & Kibbe Cooking © Ianet Bastyan, 2021

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