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Help one Ethiopian person & they will give back to their community. A little support goes a long way. Please donate to registered Ethiopian charities run by ethical local volunteers. 265 Australian dollars that I raised bought school books for 91 Ethiopian children. Jump to information about Ianet’s Ethiopian GoFundMe. (Here is the link to my Australian GoFundMe for Ethiopia.) The November War begun in 2020 has made the work of these 2 charities even more important.

Nationally Registered

Here are 2 nationally registered Ethiopian charitable organisations:

Sharing Love Charitable Organization (SLCO) – helps prisoners and their families in Ethiopia. Jump to SLCO

Generation Pillar Organization (GPO) – fights poverty all over Ethiopia. Jump to GPO

Why support these charities?  

  • fully registered in Ethiopia
  • coordinated & operated voluntarily by terrific Ethiopians
  • cost effective projects

SLCO & GPO aim to help all Ethiopians that need their services. They promote gender equity. Donations directly benefit the disadvantaged – money is not wasted on administration.

1. Sharing Love Charitable Organization (SLCO)

SLCO logo

SLCO is fully registered in Ethiopia – certificate #4911. It helps prisoners and their families. SLCO builds responsible citizens and generates healthy psyches. This reduces crime.


[Thank you to SLCO volunteers] for spending their time with prisoners, teaching them, inspiring us, encouraging us, challenging us, providing & offering basic necessities to inmates. This was a great season thanks to your dedication and patience.

Hossan Towan Prison Admin. Head, 28 February 2021

About SLCO

Sharing Love Charitable Organization is a network of Ethiopian volunteers. It was the initiative of Mr. Temesgen Tadesse Abo. He began supporting prisoners and their families in 2012. Kebede Ergudo Erbelo, an academic, has coordinated volunteers since 2014.

See a television interview with Temesgen. The program is “Good morning Ethiopia” April 27, 2021. It is also available here:  


Mobile: +251 930 176 860

Mobile: +251 930 176 517

Phone +1303 564 2357 for global contact

Website: (Scroll to the bottom of that page for more information.)

Post: 62353 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

SLCO Vision

Create productive citizens and help reduce crime through loving support of prisoners.

SLCO Mission

Improve the lives of prisoners and their families.

Please Donate

SLCO calls for donations to help prisoners and their families. Donations are direct to the Ethiopian bank accounts listed here.

Donating Within Ethiopia

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia – 1000332573307

Oromiya International Bank –130006830001

Dashen Bank – 0039103035011

Birhan International Bank – 2500220091177

  • Account name for all: Sharing Love Charitable Organization

Donating Outside Ethiopia

1. Go Fund Me (Amharic) (English)

2. Western Union Money Transfer

You can make a Western Union money transfer – to the main branch of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Provide the charity with the Western Union transaction security code. Please contact Temesgen Tadesse Abo to express your interest in donating to SLCO. Mobile phone: +251 930 176 860; email:

Beginnings of SLCO

“Who else was visiting pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers? I also questioned myself about youth and children whose parents were incarcerated.”

Temesgen T. Abo, founder of Sharing Love Charitable Organization

A Prison Visit

In 2012, Temesgen visited a friend’s sister in Hawassa Prison. He noticed others who needed help and asked himself, “Who else was visiting pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers?” And what about youth and children whose parents were incarcerated?

Immediately, he began supporting women and children in prison and in their daily lives. At first, Temesgen T. Abo used his own funds to supply clothing, body lotion, hygiene & sanitary products; flour, oil, syrup, pasta and rice; books for libraries; and — for children whose parents were imprisoned — exercise books, pens and pencils.

Consulting Prisoners & Networking

The prison’s principal gave Temesgen T. Abo information about supporting prisoners. Temesgen consulted prisoners about their needs. Principals helped him establish support networks for other prisons in Dilla, Hlaba, Durame, Hossanea and Wolaita Sodo. They supplied some materials. SLCO rented cars for distribution.


From 2014, academic Kebede Ergudo Erbelo donated his services as coordinator of volunteers. Later, Kebede joined Ethiopian diaspora. In 2019, he loaned SLCO the money to buy a small car for transporting supplies. Today, SLCO supports prisoners and their children who attend schools. Currently, SLCO addresses problems in the following prisons: Hawassa, Dilla, Halaba, Durame, Hossaina, Wolaito Sodo, Butajira, Worabe, Wolkite, Debra Berhan, and Adama. SLCO plans to reach out to people in all prisons in Ethiopia.

Summary of Support Offered to Prisoners

  • specialised support and counselling to prisoners with disabilities, depression and anxiety
  • preventative health and hygiene materials
  • literacy, numeracy and vocational education
  • supply of necessities to prisoners
  • supply of exercise books, pens, pencils, and school uniforms to children whose parents are imprisoned
  • resources and facilities for religious purposes
  • training in disease prevention & health maintenance

Planned support:

Training for correctional staff who support specific groups of prisoners. These include those who are female, under 18 or senior. Others have language barriers, physical or mental disabilities or special learning needs.

Interviews With Pastor Temesgen

The prison service at Hawassa was incredible.

Providing PPE to prisoners to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

Prison Conditions in Ethiopia: Research Findings

Research studies based on Ethiopian prison contexts identified problems and challenges. Sharing Love Charitable Organization is dedicated to addressing them. Read the findings, below.

Prison Conditions in Ethiopia: Research Findings. Copyright of Sharing Love Charitable Organization, 202-

2. Generation Pillar Organization (GPO)

Registration Details

Generation Pillar Organization is a registered Ethiopian charity: Local Organization Registry Number 3996, 9 July 2019 with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Agency for Civil Society Organizations


Dhaabbata Utubaa Dhalootaal

John Namomsa


Fight poverty, removing its burden from the shoulders of current and future generations while sustaining the environment.

GPO Vision

Ensure that current and future Ethiopian generations have holistic development that is directed toward physical, mental, economic, social, ethical and environmental well-being.

Summary of GPO Mission

Provide services and support to people who are disadvantaged – orphans, children from low-income families, youth, job seekers, women, homeless elders, people living with HIV/AIDS.

About GPO

Generation Pillar Organization was created in 2018 by Ethiopian indigenous people. It is an initiative of Pastor Yohannis Rebu. Scroll down for the names of GPO board members. In September 2021, GPO supported 500 school children with educational needs. It gave girls sanitary products so that they could attend. It provided transport for 50 university students. Now, GPO is helping some of the hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians displaced due to war.


School children with uniforms donated by Generation Pillar Organization


Generation Pillar Organization seeks your help and co-operation. Together, we can reduce the burden of poverty upon Ethiopians today and tomorrow.

Donating Within Ethiopia

Donations may be made directly to the following bank accounts:

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: 1000278477952

Oromiya International Bank: 923747

  • Account name for both banks: Generation Pillar Organization

Donating Outside Ethiopia

  1. Australian Go Fund Me: “Help Poor Ethiopians in Ethiopia”, by Ianet:

2. Western Union money transfer – to the main branch of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Provide the charity with the Western Union transaction security code. Please contact Pastor Yohannis with this information. Email:; mobile phone: +251 913 060 454

Sponsored Students in Uniforms Provided by GPO

GPO Services

Services are for all poor Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia.

  1. Building shelters for homeless elders
  2. Development of food security for all
  3. Water supply construction in rural areas
  4. Training for disadvantaged people – formal, workplace, literacy. An overarching goal for all projects is to create a positive mindset in trainees. This means that they believe in the future & care about the environment. Their daily lives improve. They develop physically, mentally, socially, economically and ethically.
  5. Training for service providers that aligns with GPO’s vision and mission. This is for civil servants and government employees. It ensures governance that builds supportive communities and is environmentally sustainable. Communities manage the environment, sustaining it for the benefit of existing and future generations.
  6. Small business development support – microfinance to women; optimise & encourage existing skills
  7. Establishment of free public libraries – membership open to all
  8. Building free schools and hospitals in Addis Ababa. Free education & health care services are for people with low incomes.
  9. Family planning – education, consultations & products for all people
  10. HIV/AIDS prevention – education & products for all people
  11. Landcare – development of plantations & reforestation
  12. Conservation of natural resources
  13. Coffee production – a traditional Ethiopian product

More Donations Photos © Generation Pillar Organization

People Supported by GPO

GPO builds shelters for women who are alone in the world.

“Their desperate plight is heart breaking.”

Pastor Yohannis, founder of Generation Pillar Organization

Where Does GPO Work?

GPO supports Ethiopians in all areas. In many places, university students have no transport. Volunteers help them get to university.

Students From Various Ethiopian Universities

GPO sponsors school children in Sedi Chana District. It built traditional mud houses in Gawo Kebe Woreda at Bejoko Kobecha Kebele. It does so all over Ethiopia.

GPO Annual Plan 2021 Summary

GPO 2021 Annual Plan – summary

GPO Board


Waraksa Kumera Beyene. Mr Waraksa is an engineer.

Executive Director

Yohannis Namomsa Rebu. Pastor Yohannis is the organization’s founder.

Board Members

  • Nebiyu Tolina Kusa. Mr Nebiyu is an accountant by profession.
  • Milkias Bulcha is vice-chairman of the board. He is a lawyer.
  • Tarafe Haile. Tarafe is a diplomat.
  • Addimsu Tarafe

These are smart and self-sufficient supporters of the helpless. View our post on Ethiopians helping others – click or tap here

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Featured image: Pelicans Over Lake Tana. Copyright Mesfin Tadesse, 2020

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