The November War in the Land of Monks & God

1. Western Reporting is Misleading Reporting

The Tigrayan People’s… er Leadership… uh Force

Ethiopia was at war November–December 2020. There was conflict in Tigray in the north. She waged it so as to preserve life. Prime Minister Dr Abiy, and military defended her. Click or tap here to read Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali’s tweet. African Union leaders told foreigners to butt out. However, foreign interference in Ethiopia continues.

Ethiopia’s wisdom saved her. Her warriors and prime minister were heroic. View this interview with Ethiopia’s wise and humanitarian military chief of staff: click or tap here. To read our Woven Wisdom post click or tap here.

For Ethiopian news reporting, click or tap here. It is in Amharic rather than English, the international language of lies. The way Ianet feels about the behaviour of the West towards Ethiopia, too bad if you do not yet speak Amharic.

CNN and BBC reporting was abysmal: misleading and pro-TPLF. It was also ignorant. On CNN, Becky Anderson called her sweetheart TPLF ‘The Tigrayan People’s… er Leadership… uh Force.’ She managed one word correctly: people’s.

2. Inside Ethiopia

The sneaky alliance goes back 35 years.

Ianet was in Addis Ababa, 1,000 kilometres south of Tigray. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF or junta) wanted to destroy the capital, but the Ethiopian National Defence Force disabled their missiles.

The West was behind the junta; Egypt too. Ethiopia was at war with those best friends of the TPLF. The sneaky alliance goes back 35 years. It is explained in our book Lucy’s People.

Why was Ianet there? She was stranded by her own country and left for dead in the middle of the crisis. When she phoned the Australian Embassy in Addis Ababa, the worker said, ‘Are you in immediate danger?’ No phone call would have been possible if she were about to die.

Australia flew home its TPLF citizens from Sudan. They are in quarantine now. Not Ianet. Soon after, in the state of Queensland, police killed an innocent young African. Click or tap here to read the tweet.

Genna Ethiopian Christmas service at Tsion Mariyam monastery in Aksum
Ethiopian Genna at Tsion Mariyam Monastery, Aksum

3. Foreign Gangsters

If Ethiopia falls, Europe, the UK and the US re-take Africa.

Who started it? The junta in the middle of the night, after giving a rich dinner to their Ethiopian National Defence Force colleagues: It slaughtered fellow Ethiopian soldiers in their beds. With tanks and trucks, the rebels ran over fleeing soldiers. Then it left their bodies to the sun by day and hyenas by night. White so-called humanitarian witnesses asked to see it. Members of the Ethiopian National Defence Force showed them. They did not report it.

Since the 29 June 2020 attacks on Ethiopia, the war has brewed. There were massacres, courtesy of international alliances, of Jews and Christians in Ethiopia’s west. The Ethiopian National Defence Force has waged no ethnic war. That is the specialty of Europeans. The West and Egypt, backed unseen by the UK, did not like Ethiopia’s Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River. US President Trump said, ‘Bomb it.’ Egyptian mercenaries came.

If Ethiopia falls, Europe, the UK and the US re-take Africa. They have wrecked their own economies and have very sick citizens even though Ethiopia all but offered a cure. Africa would be paradise for neo-colonisers.

4. Sorry, Ethiopia

Outsiders, leave Ethiopia alone.

Ianet is glad to know this. Stranding for 9 months has its upside. Ethiopia has been a friend to her. Her own country betrayed her and more than 40,000 others during the pandemic. Now it sides with those who commit crimes against humanity and break the rule of law in a land of monks & God, 13,000 kilometres away.

Sorry, Ethiopia, for what Australia has done. Thank you for hosting me during my stranding. Outsiders, leave Ethiopia alone.

Ianet Bastyan, 14 December 2020

5. Update

When the Ethiopian National Defence Force killed and routed the invaders, the UN complained.

On 25 December 2020, mercenaries murdered 103 Gojjam Amhara Jewish farmers in Metekel. This is in the west of Ethiopia. They burned them alive – men, women and children. Where are the English-language news reports? As mercenaries fled Ethiopian National Defence Force soldiers, one dropped a mobile phone. On it was their plan to destroy the nearby Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The previous week, the Republic of Sudan Sudan invaded Gondar, 21 kilometres inside the border. Soldiers stole livestock and burned harvested sorghum and cotton. Three farmers who resisted were shot and burned alive. Ethiopia’s foreign minister visited Khartoum to broker peace. No go. When the Ethiopian National Defence Force killed and routed the invaders, the UN complained. Why?

Gondar synagogue, Ethiopia
Synagogue in Gondar

In February 2021, the junta bombed electricity supplies in Tigray. Five weeks earlier, they destroyed high-tension cables coming from the Semien Mountains. Innocent civilians were without power to hospitals, businesses and homes. The TPLF continues to receive support from abroad. Click or tap here to view an Amharic news report on this.

  • Featured image: Aksum Stele, Tigray © Mesfin Tadesse, 2017


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