The November War is now the September War in Ethiopia

Where are you? Children are dying.

8-year-old girl

When Will War End?

Ethiopia’s November war has spread. Thousands of Ethiopians die daily in Tigray, Amhara and Afar. 800,000 have died in 10 months. Could it end by Ethiopian New Year on September 11? It is likely that the November war is now the September war in Ethiopia. To stop it, cease US interference in Ethiopia now. Could you donate as little as $5 to our Australian GoFundMe for Ethiopia? Jump to information about it.

English-language reporting on the war remains biased. Under-reporting of TPLF crimes internationally is lacking. We continue to cite reliable Ethiopian sources. The siege of Lalibela is described below. Report links are listed near the end of this post. Tap or click this link for August 04 news on the TPLF invasion of Lalibela in Wello. [1]

TPLF Lack Wisdom

Lalibela in Wello is locked. Its mountains hug yellow fog. TPLF thieves lie dead. Kalashnikovs at their shoulders, their corpses clutch priceless Orthodox Jewish crosses. Inside a monastery, another is frozen. Forever, he swings a sledgehammer. In Australia, Mesfin awakes crying. He has dreamed of Lalibela’s children running to safety and hiding others in a manhole.

For 5 days, all Ethiopians will do me’ela: no music on television, no slaughtering for meat. Members of every religion pray together. However, in Mekele, Tigray, TPLF have banned mothers from wearing black, mourning children and dressing in yagerlibs. The junta (rebel faction) lacks wisdom.

US Involvement

On July 30, 2021, Abel discussed an article in Geopolitics Press. View the program here. The topic was how the US wanted to assassinate Prime Minister Dr Abiy, shatter Ethiopia and spread chaos. [2] This report describes the leaking of a secret US plan to dismantle Ethiopia. [3]


Here, Siyum speaks of the US using hunger as a weapon. [4] 1.1 million children, chiefly Amhara, face starvation. Amhara farmers are productive. By attacking those communities, first in Tigray and then in Amhara, TPLF has created food shortage.

In November 2020 in Tigray, mass graves in Tigray held 70,000 Amhara. At Mai Kadra and Humera, most were farmers. They grew maize and seed oil enough to feed Africa and the Middle East. We suspect that foreigners had encouraged the atrocities.

In the 1980s, Mesfin worked on the 311-metre Takeze River bridge. It linked Gondar, Wello and Tigray. A team of workers from 3 government ministries repaired poor-quality English work. It built a retaining wall and 2 truck lanes. The Takeze bridge was essential to agriculture exports. In July 2021, TPLF blew it up.

An 8-year-old girl wrote to the Vatican pope: “Where are you? Children are dying.”

Please Help Ethiopians

Please help Ethiopians in Ethiopia. 3 million are displaced. In their own land, they join 5 million refugees from Somalia, South Sudan Syria, Yemen, Libya, Congo… Let us make a splash in the ocean of need.

GoFundMe for Ethiopia

  1. My Australian GoFundMe is called Help Poor Ethiopians in Ethiopia. It is to raise funds for Pastor Yohannis’s registered Ethiopian charity Generation Pillars Organization (GPO).
My GoFundMe is at

There is another GoFundMe in America. It is for Pastor Temesgen’s Sharing Love Charitable Organization (SLO):

3 friends in Australia donated AUD 250 (USD 186). $5 from 200 people would total AUD 1,000 – my fundraising goal. The money will feed many Ethiopian families and buy school books. This is because the USD:ETB exchange rate is very low: 1:45.

Other ways to donate—to either or both charities—are in our post about them. Tap or click here for SLO – and here for GPO.

Ethiopian deacon in front of Adam's Tunnel entrance in Lalibela Rock-Hewn Monasteries
Lalibela Monasteries deacon

Talented Homeless Youth

Stranded in Addis Ababa, we gave exercise books and pens to children. They ran to show their mothers. Ethiopian children are hungry to learn. Many are gifted. This two-and-a-half-year-old drummer is with Yehuda musicians. They make instruments and play all genres from Guraginya to Ethio Jazz.

Tariku Gankisis gave us Dishtagina “Happy New Year” in the western Ethiopian language. A natural-born musician sings along. Homeless, he has no self-pity. His brother died on the streets in 2020. Dr Abiy and his wife and Teddy Afro rescued the singer. 2021 has not been a time for song and dance, marvellous as these are in Ethiopia and everywhere in Africa.

There are 85,000 like him in Addis Ababa alone. In 2020 & 2021, homeless boys and girls under 15 were everywhere. When the African Union held its meetings, the former government of the TPLF would round them up at midnight from under bridges and in ghettos. They drove them 100 km and dumped them in the bush.

Give homeless youth a chance at peace.

Vale Alemayehu Eshete

A son of Ethiopia died September 02 in Addis Ababa. Singer Alemayehu Eshete had just been teaching a master class. Afterwards, the musicians mourned Ethiopia’s losses. Then Alemayehu felt unwell. Here he is performing in 2008. Alemayehu sang of community, love… and the black panther. Youth like Mesfin sang that to General de Gaullle, who visited Ethiopia. Ten years later, they would understand fully lines about white snakes.


Amharic news reports tell of atrocities and destruction committed by the TPLF junta and allies. Ethiopians also call TPLF junta because it aims to seize power by force. It committed these crimes in Afar and in Amhara regions. Amhara means mountain people. Most live in the north.

The junta has demolished 8,700 schools and 127 universities and colleges. It blows up their water reservoirs. At Weldiya University in Wello, it burned books. Then it called the names of Amhara students, none seen again. A Caucasian medical teacher was flying out. Huddled in a room, her female students begged her to take the youngest. The woman replied, “Look at who you are.” Afterwards, one survivor told Ethiopian reporters that he could not go on.

Here is more:

  • In northern Afar and Wello, TPLF killed 3,000 Amhara people on August 26. This was not hot news in the West, nor for UNHCR. 1,200 more died there on August 28.
  • In Welega in the West, Oromo Liberation Front—created and paid by TPLF—killed 350. Losses in neighbouring Agawmeder have also been high. Those people have the same bloodline as Jesus Christ.
  • A farmer described how TPLF killed his livestock. “That goat, sheep or cow is Amhara.” View the report. [5]
  • Ethiopian defence forces prevented TPLF from poisoning a water supply. Tap or click here for the report. [6]
  • The Ethiopian airforce bombed 12 trucks. They carried TPLF youth trained in the Republic of Sudan. The convoy was going to blow up the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. This would have flooded Sudan.
  • Defence forces shot down a Republic of Sudanese helicopter that transported 5 military personnel. It would have carried missiles. BBC reported this as an aeroplane, a civilian transport… inside Ethiopian borders, after the Republic, UK and Egypt had all declared war?
  • The junta fired a missile at Medhane Alem Monastery in Debre Tabor, Gondar. It damaged its roof. View the report. [7]

A Fair Discussion

Here is a BBC “Hard Talk” interview with diplomat Gedion Timothewos. It is the first English-language discussion since November 2020 from an Ethiopian perspective. [8] Gedion describes the following:

  • mass graves in Mai Kadra, Tigray containing bodies of 70,000 Amhara
  • indiscriminate killing and rape in Amhara and Asfar
  • the West’s support for the dismantling of Ethiopia, the country most vital to east Africa


In this news report, Addis Ababa residents protest outside the Saudi Arabia Embassy: SHAME, SAUDI ARABIA. A group of policemen had raped a 10-year-old Ethiopian girl. [9] Others beheaded those Orit Yehuda prisoners with Orthodox Jewish crosses on their faces or cut off arms. The Holocaust ended in Europe. What about in Africa and the Middle East?

While in power, the TPLF cooperated to sterilise Amhara girls. View this video. [10] First, Germans tested the girls’ intelligence, 15,000 at a time. Then NGOs injected the brightest 3 million—aged under 20—with sterility-causing drugs. Today, they cannot conceive. The current head of WHO was then Ethiopia’s health minister. Upon completion of the project, the wife of TPLF leader Meles Zenawi became the 3rd richest person in Portugal.

Since November 2020, TPLF have marked the doors of Amhara. Then they murder them. In this special report, Reuters ignores this. [11] Why do TPLF and allies from Egypt and Republic of Sudan want to burn alive Amhara farmers in their own homes? What infuriates them? Is it their productivity?

In 2017, we visited Aksum, Tigray. Beggars surrounded us. In the Jewish zones of Addis Ababa, residents were too proud to beg. Many slept in 1-metre plastic domes beside the road.

Did they grow that cotton?

Tewode Alemayehu

A Story from Tewode

Mesfin’s mother Tewode told this story to a visitor. The woman was jealous of her and Mama Teliqwa’s handicrafts.

< Tigray aristocrats complained about Amhara farmers to Atse Menelik II. Given the same start, Amhara would quickly do well and own more land. The aristocrats said, “We don’t want Amhara in our area.”

Atse asked, “Are your clothes made by Yehuda? Did they grow the cotton? That ring – was it made by a Jewish blacksmith?” He had the Tigray aristocrats remove everything created by Amhara. The men left naked. >

Confusion About Orthodox Jewish Crosses

Rock-hewn monastery with Ethiopian Jewish crosses in windows
Lalibela Monastery with Orit Yehuda cross-motif windows: minga, left; tunnel of spirit top right; meskel, below right

Builders of the UNESCO-listed Lalibela monasteries were Orit Yehuda (Jewish). Their descendants have Orit Yehuda tattoos on their faces, seen in this program. [12] The presenter says the churches were carved by Christians. This special report also makes the mistake of calling them Christian. [13]

The crosses confuse visitors. Orit Yehuda gave the world the Orthodox Jewish cross. The meskel is a symbol of peace and life. Later, Christians adopted it.

In other countries, the majority bullies the minority. In Ethiopia, it is the other way round.

Anonymous Ethiopian

Sloppy Language

In its special report, mentioned above, Reuters cites “ethnic violence” and “ethnic cleansing”. This is misleading. “Ethnic violence” suggests an equal and 2-way fight between Amhara—who want to work in peace—and TPLF. One Ethiopian told Ianet, “In other countries, the majority bullies the minority. In Ethiopia, it is the other way round.” TPLF is part of a minority group.

Ethnic and religious harmony are Ethiopia’s. In antiquity, her Jewish king gave refuge to Nebiyu Mohammed. Why are the words ethnic and violence collocated with Africa by Caucasians? Historically, Europeans specialised in ethnic cleansing. Now, they portray other peoples as habitually murdering neighbours.

Call out such racist linguistic collocations. Ethnic violence is not an ancient African habit. Where foreigners use it a lot, look further for the truth. See “Foreign Aid”, below.


Foreign news reports misrepresent the Ethiopian prime minister. In bold print, a New York Times article asked why Dr Abiy launched a military offensive in Tigray. On November 5, 2020, the Ethiopian prime minister had announced that the junta had declared war upon the Ethiopian government. [14]

In this tweet, Prime Minister Dr Abiy says that action against TPLF is not against the Tigray region. World, take note. For Ethiopians, most Tigrayans are fellow citizens. [15]

The Myth of Foreign Aid

Superpowers demand ceasefires. The TPLF junta breaks those. The US threatens Ethiopia if she disallows what foreigners call humanitarian aid. “Allow in aid,” “… Or else…”

Foreign non-government organisations (NGOs) shower TPLF with Ethiopian birr. Ethiopians stopped an NGO ambulance. It carried more than 1 million USD. Such aid is economic warfare.

2 NGO Stories

A youth in Weldiya, Wello unloaded aid from an NGO truck. He lifted down sacks of sugar and wheat. Under those were explosives that untrained people could detonate. They would cause maximum chaos. He photographed them and shared the image with a friend in Dessie, Wello. The truth about dirty aid reached the world.

Another youth in Addis Ababa was homeless. His father was a former veteran, who volunteered at the front. One night, an NGO vehicle stopped underneath the bridge where he sheltered. All awoke. “They have come to help!”

The van’s number plates were covered with newspaper. People got out and gave the teenagers 100 ETB each for a meagre breakfast. They lit marijuana reefers. The boys had never seen those and refused to smoke them. Then the strangers distributed machetes. In the chill and wet, masking tape had detached from the newspaper that hid the rear plate. The youth read the licence number. He reported it to police.

3 women in Lalibela
With Lalibela workers, Semien Mountains behind

TPLF Besiege Lalibela

Throughout August, the junta occupied Lalibela in Wello. Egyptian tanks and enormous Sino trucks ran over fleeing farmers. View this news report. [16]

Why Lalibela?

A geological survey of the mountains near Lalibela in Wello revealed that they contain uranium, titanium and tantalum. This a prize for TPLF allies. For minerals, they would sacrifice the UNESCO-listed site of the Lalibela Rock-Hewn Monasteries.

TPLF is now negotiating with the world.


Evicting the town’s drivers from their 3-wheel cabs, rebels shot them on the road. From Weldiya, Kobo and Lalibela, they stole 8,000 bajaj and took them to Mekele, Tigray. Lalibela residents fled, leaving keys in doors. TPLF looted the town. They even robbed kiosks. [17]

Interior of tej bet
Torpido Tej Bet, Lalibela: a locally owned business


Junta rebels have been holding hostages in the UNESCO-listed Lalibela Rock-Hewn Monasteries. At Bete Giyorgis, which is the largest, TPLF planted bombs. On its roof, they drilled mounts for sniper tripods and machine guns. They demanded keys to the museum and the passcode for the underground treasury. Thugs beat monks to make them reveal the location of gold.

The 21st century challenge is drinking-water supply.

Mesfin Tadesse

Theft From Museums at the Lalibela Monasteries

The junta stole the following:

  • parchment designs for the Lalibela monastery complex
  • 3 metre x 1.5 metre birana – goatskin books. This includes Audenegiste or Key of Knowledge. TPLF carted them away using heavy-duty cables.
  • Orit Yehuda crosses
  • 27 emperors’ crowns, including that of Tewodros II. View report. [18]

No foreigner tells of the theft of goatskin books. This Reuters report does not mention forces of the Republic of Sudan present in Lalibela. [19] Ethiopians caught Sudanese fighters in Wello. Inside the monasteries, a monk stabbed a Sudanese soldier as he smashed an Orthodox Jewish cross. The same report does not call the monasteries a holy site for Orit Yehuda. There is no reporting of theft. The West does not demand return of stolen heritage.   

Here is a news report that is more balanced than those from the US. However, it does not mention atrocities and looting. [20] The pillaging is anathema to true Ethiopians. A news reporter’s camera man killed himself in distress.   

TPLF stole a 12-metre scroll, dedicated to one science per roll:

  • astronomy
  • medicine
  • plant and animal genetics for breeding
  • water development engineering

The 21st century challenge is drinking-water supply. King Lalibela’s 13th century water development at the complex was unique. Europeans tried unsuccessfully to replicate it. Were they jealous of Ethiopia?  Some would welcome Ge’ez texts documenting ancient Abyssinia’s engineering innovations. Is this why UNESCO’s condemnation of looting and vandalism is lame?

Le Louvre Museum in Paris is vast. Ethiopia’s monastery museums are tiny, yet well-curated. Caucasians argue that they care for stolen artefacts better than the owners. This is false; Ethiopians conserve their exhibits. Stolen cultural heritage must be returned to Africa.

Unbeatable Ethiopia

To eat one T-bone steak, junta slaughter a bull. When they see fertile land, they want it. Within weeks, it is destroyed. For thousands of years, the real owners would have had regulations for when to prune. They would have monitored the welfare of tiny butterflies. Such land care kept Waldeba Monastery magnificent.

Waldeba Monastery had 95% of Ethiopia’s herbs. It straddled Gondar, Tigray and Wello. Monks had built a 300 km tunnel from the monastery lake to Takeze River. Jesus Christ studied carpentry there.

The late TPLF leader, Meles Zenawi, went to take their land. They taught him the Ge’ez word mesina. It meant stealing public property. Meles almost changed his mind. However, his cronies took Waldeba land to sell. 82 excavators and DN & DS bulldozers came to clear it. Brakes failed and each machine fell off a cliff.

In 2012, Meles Zenawi sent agazi soldiers to kill Waldeba’s monks. Within 1 week, he died.

The Engine of East Africa

Ethiopia is the engine of east Africa. Nobody can beat her. Her people pay. They demonstrate: LEAVE ETHIOPIA ALONE.

US Diaspora Action

During August in America, the FBI imprisoned a journalist. He was protesting at the misrepresentation of Ethiopia’s crisis by the US. Police briefly arrested street musicians. They were raising funds for displaced Ethiopians.

In September, at Ethiopian New Year, US diaspora will celebrate Adwa 1896.

Report Details

Lalibela Monasteries Adam’s Tunnel Entrance © Mesfin Tadesse, 2017


Lalibela Monasteries Deacon, Orit Yehuda Crosses in Lalibela Monastery Windows, Lalibela Torpido Tej Bet, Lalibela Monk at Adam ‘s Tunnel Entrance & With Lalibela Workers & Semien Mountains © Mesfin Tadesse, 2017

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